Kaju Katli-500gms

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Kaju Katli means a slice of cashews. It is also called kaju barfi. This dessert originated in the Indian subcontinent and is similar to its counterpart, “barfi”. This dessert is made with loads of cashews, milk, sugar, and other dry fruits and spices. This Indian dessert has an interesting story that ties it to our motherland. The Mughal Emperor Jahangir captured several sikh gurus and held them captive. The captives living condition was grievous, and the agony was evident. The 6th Sikh Guru, Guru Hargovind Ji, who was among the detainees, assisted in making the life of the prisoners self-sufficient and improved the quality of life, not just for prisoners butguards as well. Emporer Jahangir then proclaimed that the Guru would be set free and anyone who would hold the robe of the Guru would as he walked out would be set free as well.

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500 gram