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Best sweet dishes of Odisha


Odisha is a beautiful place in India. It also makes many tasty delicious sweets. The tourists who visit Odisha along with the residential people are very attracted to the sweets of Odisha. They are both sweet, mouth watering and juicy. They are also very crispy and some of them are seasoned with flavours. This article will tell you about the top five best sweets of Odisha and their nature.

The list of top five best sweet dishes:-

To mention some of the top five best sweets of Odisha we have:-

  • Arisa pitha :- Arisa pitha is a combination of crispy as well as sugary sweet. It is made by grinding rice flour with hands. A healthy and sweet jaggery is added to it and it is decorated with sesame seeds. It is like a traditional pancake of Odisha and is distributed on every festival of Odisha.
  • Kheer Sagar :- Kheer Sagar is the sweetest version of ocean milk. It is very creamy with its appearance. They have similarity with rasmalai in looks but differ from them in texture as well as taste. Small sugar-coated balls also known as cheena balls are soaked into it to absorb the juice and make the sweet more dense. For additional flavours, it is seasoned with saffron and cardamom.
  • Kheera Gaja :- it is another sweet delight which is available almost everywhere in Odisha. It has ghee as its main ingredient. It is very moist in texture.
  • Chhena Jhili:- these are the fried rasgullas of Odisha. They are soaked in a sugar jaggery and taste different from rasgullas.
  • Rasa Bali :- cottage cheese being the prominent product of sweet manufacturing in Odisha, becomes the main ingredient of this sweet dish too. They are deep fried pancakes of cottage cheese which are dipped into creamy rabris with saffron seasoning.


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